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June 21 | Los Angeles, CA
Location | Solid Coffee Roasters: 12147 S St., Artesia, CA 90701
The fastest growing spiritual group in America is not Christianity, Catholicism or Islam. It is those who would classify themselves as the “nones” or “I’m spiritual and a good person, I’m just not religious”. What are the implications of living in this current spiritual culture? Are we living in a time where “in those days (Israel) had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” (Judg. 21:25)? What factors are defining the “I’m spiritual and good, I’m just not religious” movement? What voice should followers of Jesus have with a post-Christian spirituality defined largely by Gen-Xer’s and Millennials?
Admission | Free
Time | 7-8:30pm
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May 24 | Los Angeles, CA
How Prayer Solves Problems and Creates Them: Spontaneity and Certainty in Evangelical Spiritual Life
Location | UCLA: 405 Hilgard Ave., Royce Hall, Rm 314, Los Angeles, CA 90095
American Evangelicals believe prayer can do a lot, both for themselves and for the world. Yet just as prayer solves problems for them, it also creates them.  Two especially important problems are spontaneity and certainty: it’s important for Evangelicals to feel as though they “really mean it” when they pray and that they understand God’s will as they seek advice and guidance. In this talk, I draw on Heidegger and other studies of technology to think about how particular “cultural tools” become useful and habituated, and how they then create new problems which might or might not be solvable which the original tool in question. The historical basis of Evangelicals’ optimism about prayer also has important political implications for contemporary discussions of Evangelicals’ relationship to social problems, as it emphasizes the importance of spontaneity, authenticity, and individual relationships over more prosaic and traditional organizational structures.
Admission | Free
Time | 12-1:30pm
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Feb. 7 | Azusa, CA
Lectureship on Holy Living 2017: The Protestant Reformation: 500th Anniversary
Location | Azusa Pacific University: Upper Turner Campus Center (UTCC) University Way Azusa, CA 91702
Admission | $10
Time | 2:30-8pm
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dead sea scrolls
Feb. 10 | Carlsbad, CA
The Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture and Exhibit
Location |North Coast Calvary Chapel: 1330 Poinsettia Lane., Carlsbad, CA 92011
Join us for a night of exploration of the Dead Sea Scrolls at North Coast Calvary Chapel. Azusa Pacific University scholars will guide us through new findings of groundbreaking research that show the reliability of Holy Scriptures. Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient artifacts will be on exhibition.
Admission | Free
Time | 6-9pm
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Jan. 7 | San Diego, CA
Sultan & Saint San Diego Film Premiere
Location | St. Thomas More Catholic Church: 1450 S Melrose Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056
During the Crusades, Saint Francis of Assisi risked his life by walking across enemy lines to meet the Sultan of Egypt, the Muslim ruler Al-Malik al-Kamil. This remarkable encounter, and the commitment to peace of the two men behind it, sucked the venom out of the Crusades and changed the relationship between Muslims and Christians for the better. Featuring dramatic reenactments and renowned scholarship, this amazing story is brought to life. Scholars interviewed include Michael Cusato (St. Bonaventure University), Sr. Kathy Warren (Sisters of St. Francis), Suleiman Mourad (Smith College), Homayra Ziad, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies, Paul Moses (The Saint and the Sultan), and others. Join us for the showing of this film, in San Diego to learn about the remarkable spiritual exchange between the Sultan and the Saint, and the great risks they took for peace.
Admission | Free
Time | 6:30-9:30pm
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Jan. 9 | Orange County, CA
Storyented, Raymond Arroyo in Conversation with: Dean Koontz
Location | Freed Theater at Christ Cathedral Campus: 13280 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92840
Raymond Arroyo is joined by acclaimed suspense thriller author Dean Koontz, who will discuss his work as a perennial storyteller, with 28 of his books reaching the #1 position on the NY Times bestseller list. Koontz will also share how his Catholic faith has influenced his life and work and how stories can help orient people to the faith.
Admission | $20-$21
Time | 6-8:30pm
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Therese - The Story of a Soul
Jan. 27-29 | Orange County, CA
Location | Freed Theater at Christ Cathedral Campus: 13280 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92840
Thérèse: The Story of a Soul is a face-to-face encounter with St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the most beloved saint of modern times. In this one-woman performance starring actress Audrey Ahern, Thérèse speaks directly to the audience, with humor, grace and humility. This is not the saccharine story of the “Little Flower,” but an honest, loving portrait of a real girl who struggled with anxieties, but overcame these obstacles by trusting in God. Therese’s honest, direct spirituality speaks powerfully to our busy culture, with the encouraging message that anyone can become a saint.
Admission | $20
Time | Fri: 7-9pm; Sat: 7-9pm; Sun: 12-2pm
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Jan. 28 | Orange County, CA
Interfaith House of Worship Tour–Being Muslim in Orange County
Location | Islamic Institute of Orange County/Islamic Society of Orange County: 1220 North State College Boulevard (first of two venues) Anaheim, CA 92806
Please join us for a very special program of the House of Worship Tour. We shall visit two mosques: the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim and the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove. Discussions will include “Islam 101–An Introduction to Islam” in Anaheim and “Being Muslim in Orange County in 2017” in Garden Grove. The program includes guest scholars, tours, prayers, interactive panel discussions, and an amazing Middle Eastern lunch!
Admission | $35-$80
Time | 9:45am-3pm
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Dec 2 – 4 | Murrieta, CA
Without Borders Weekender
Location | 39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd., Murrieta, CA 92563-9150

Without Borders is designed to support and encourage Christian women to engage and promote new friendships with Muslim women. We want to break down walls of mutual suspicion, fear, anger and prejudice; to inspire honest, sincere and mutually respectful faith dialogue between Christian women and Muslim women. Our goal is to promote authentic relationships that open doors to share the Truth of Jesus Christ with our Muslim friends. The Without Borders Weekender offers world class training with full room and board on the beautiful grounds of Murrieta Conference Center and Spa ( in Murrieta, CA! This rare opportunity will give you insight into the Islamic faith and cultural views on women through lectures, testimonies and teachings from women of a Muslim Background, and workshops catered to your ministry level. We will explore the unique open doors God has allowed to reach Muslims world wide and why now is a critical time to boldly share the Gospel. Experienced teachers will:

  • Unpack the Honor/Shame worldview
  • Offer insight into traditional Islamic texts and how they influence cultural views on women
  • Share their own testimony of coming to faith in Jesus
  • Give practical tips on how to use God’s Word to build bridges that lead to Gospel conversations
  • Answer common questions Muslims ask about the Bible

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to proclaim it’s meaning to Muslim women who have never heard of God with Us…or His resurrection!?

Admission | $120-$245
Time | Fri: 5pm – Sun: 10:30am
For more information and to register, RSVP here

Dec. 4 | Los Angeles, CA
85th Annual Procession and Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego
Location | (Corner of Cesar Chavez Ave. and Ford Blvd. in East Los Angeles): 3324 E. Opal St. Los Angeles, CA 90023
The annual pilgrimage of the images will conclude on December 4 at the 85th Annual Procession and Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe in East Los Angeles. The Guadalupe Procession is the oldest religious procession in L.A., as it was established by Mexican Catholics who fled persecution by the Mexican government during the Cristero War in 1931. The annual celebration commemorating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe recalls the miraculous apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Saint Juan Diego at Cerro del Tepeyac (Tepeyac Hill), Mexico City, in December 1531, when she left her image on his “tilma” or cloak. Her image has been a symbol of unity, peace, compassion, and hope for people around the world. La Peregrina, a pilgrim image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, is an exact digital reproduction of the original image in Mexico City’s Basilica, which has been blessed and touched to the original image. A decade ago, the image was hand-delivered as a gift to the Archdiocese by Monsignor Diego Monroy, then Rector of Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City. Everyone is cordially invited to the oldest religious procession in Los Angeles, where thousands of Catholic faithful of different ethnic communities gather to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protector of the family, and St. Juan Diego. Following the procession, Archbishop José H. Gomez, the Auxiliary Bishops of the Archdiocese and participating clergy will celebrate Mass at 1 p.m. at East Los Angeles College Stadium, 1301 Cesar Chávez Ave., Monterrey Park. Floats, decorated by Parish groups from different ethnic communities within the Archdiocese, and indigenous dancers, will escort the “Virgen Peregrina” image at the Procession on Dec. 4. The Mass following the procession will feature mariachis, folkloric dances, hymns and poems typical of celebrations in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. For more information visit
Admission | Free
Time | 10:30am-3:30pm
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Dec. 9 | Beverly Hills, CA
An Evening with Sogyal Rinpoche
Location | Writers Guild Theater: 135 South Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90211
You’re invited to an evening with Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the highly acclaimed The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. This December, Sogyal Rinpoche will teach on understanding the mind and the wisdom of meditationfollowing in the spirit of the extraordinary teachings of Dzogchen—the Great Perfection, which is the highest wisdom of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Known for his spontaneous, dynamic and intimate teaching style, and for his ability to create an atmosphere which naturally inspires our inner wisdom, Rinpoche’s unaltered simplicity, and electric, playful and vibrant wakefulness, can leave you seeing your mind and the world from a completely fresh perspective. Many people, from all walks of life, have found Rinpoche’s teachings to be immediately and directly relevant to their experience. Time and again they have expressed the profound and lasting impact this wisdom has had on their mind, and how it has transformed their lives and their being. When we know how to leave our mind in its true nature, we discover a way of being that is completely free from stress, confusion and turbulent emotions. We go beyond the limited, habit-driven view of who we think we are, and we become much bigger. As our mind opens, the barriers that keep our natural intelligence, love and fearlessness from being released begin, quite naturally, to fall away. By integrating the wisdom of these teachings fully into our daily life, our inherent awareness, wakefulness, wisdom, love, and compassion begin to radiate out in everything we do and to everyone we encounter. We become truly alive—confident, open and at ease in any situation.
Admission | $25-$35
Time | 8-10pm
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Nov. 17 | Los Angeles, CA
Orthodoxy at the Crossroads: What to Expect After the Holy and Great Council
Location | Loyola Marymount University (Ahmanson Auditorium, University Hall 1000): 1 Loyola Marymount University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045
2016 witnessed to an epic event in the Orthodox Church. In June, ten of the world’s fourteen autocephalous Orthodox Churches gathered for the Holy and Great Council in Crete and issued documents on marriage, fasting, and relations with the world and non-Orthodox Churches, among other teachings. Controversy and intrigue surrounded the Council, especially its final statement on the status of non-Orthodox Churches: are Catholics, Episcopalians, and Lutherans Christians or heretics? Are they Churches, or schismatic communities? How should Orthodox people relate to other Christians, and what is their responsibility in the world? Bishop Maxim (Vasilijevic) of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America, V. Rev. John Behr, Dean of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York, and V. Rev. Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun, Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute, will talk about the Church’s responsibility in interpreting and receiving the teachings of the Council in Crete.
Admission | Free
Time | 6:30-8:30pm
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Nov. 28 | Los Angeles, CA
New Methods in the Study of the Qur’an
Location | UCLA Center of Religion: Charles E Young Research Library – Room 11348 280 Charles E Young Dr N Los Angeles, CA 90095
The date and provenance of the Qur’an, as with all the literary sources for early Islamic history, have been the subject of scholarly disagreement for decades. So have the questions of whether the Qur’an had one author or multiple authors, and whether the suras are random mishmashes of verses from different periods or somewhat coherent textual units. The field has been ripe for the application of new methods as a way out of the various deadlocks. This presentation gives an overview of some of the methods recently applied to the study of the Qur’an, including stylometry (quantitative analysis of style), radiocarbon dating, X-Ray Fluorescence imaging, and a new take on traditional textual criticism.
Admission | Free
Time | 12-1:30pm
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bible lectures

Sept. 3 | Las Vegas, NV
Bible “Torah” Lectures
Location | Kingdom of Kings Academy: 2800 West Sahara Avenue #8A Las Vegas, NV
The Torah “Bible” lectures brings you the tradition of classical Jewish learning in a series of clear and engaging weekly classes, probing the ideas and issues presented in each week’s Torah “Bible” portion. The Torah “Bible” lectures offer timely lessons for living – from the most timeless of all texts. Beginning with the Genesis Series, the Torah “Bible” lectures will take you through the entire Torah “Bible”, introducing you to new planes in spiritual, social and self-awareness – one week at a time.
Admission | Free
Time | 5:30-7pm
For more information. click here
Sept. 4 | Westminster, CA
Free Movie Screening: Siddhartha the Buddha
Location | Chua Dieu Lgu: 14472 Chestnut St., Westminster, CA 92683
Come join us and watch the story of Prince Siddhartha and his journey towards enlightenment.
Admission | Free
Time | 6-9pm
For more information. click here

Sept. 25 | Los Angeles
Islam 101 Q&A with The Women’s Mosque of America
Location | Griffith Park:  2715 N Vermont Canyon Road Los Angeles, CA
The Women’s Mosque of America invites you to join us for a Q&A on Women’s Issues in Islam.  This event is focused on helping converts navigate through their journey into Islam as well as Muslims that just have questions, and Ansars that want to meet converts and make new Muslim friends! We can cover practical how-to questions as well as more “difficult” ones.
Admission | Free
Time | 2-4:30pm
For more information and seat pricing, register here (before Sept 12)

Sept. 25 | Los Angeles
NOT IN GOD’S NAME: From Just War to Just Peace
Location | Cathedral Center of St. Paul: 840 Echo Park Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90026
The first part is a high-level conference which aims to provide an honest and searching discussion of religion’s implication in violence, war and terrorism and also its potential for both individual and societal peace. Is religion primarily responsible for the violence and conflicts our time, or is it coopted by other forces like politics, culture, race and ethnicity? This will include a panel discussion, Q & A, Interfaith Cafe and Closing Ceremony. After the conference there will be a reception held honoring George Regas followed by the Regas Awards for Emerging Interfaith Leaders.
Admission | $60 (Both conference & reception–please see website for other packages)
Time | 2-8pm
For more information and seat pricing, click here

Interfaith 2016

Aug 20 | Mt. Baldy, CA
8th Annual Interfaith World Peace Pilgrimage
Location | Mt. Baldy: 8401 Mt. Baldy Rd., Mt Baldy, CA 91759
Since 2009 hundreds of people from many different faiths have come together annually on sacred Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains, east of Los Angeles, to send out waves of love and light to the world. This inspiring and joyous event draws together local spiritual communities to walk together, sing together, and pray together in the heart of nature – for World Peace! In these days of great turmoil in our communities and in the world, it is even more crucial that all faiths come together to cooperate in Spiritual action for World Peace. United, the Spiritual workers for Peace are a force to be reckoned with! The World Peace Pilgrimage is open to people of all faiths, denominations and ages. It is a non-profit, non-commercial and non-political event. We climb the mountain as one human family. Ceremonies will be held at two different levels to allow people of all ages and hiking ability to take part.

Admission | Free (cost of the ski-lift ticket $15 with RSVP/Pre-Registration; $25 on the day; and parking $5)
Time | Registration: 8:30am-9:30am; Lower Level Ceremonies: 11am-1:30pm; Higher Level Ceremonies: 12:30pm-3pm
For more information, click here

off at Yonge/Bloor in Toronto; We will have a guided tour of 5 major faith sites around the GTA, Canada
This bus tour will visit the following sites:
  • Hare Krishna Hindu Temple
  • Ismaili Centre and Aga Khan Museum
  • St. Gabriel’s Parish and Eco-Sabbath Program
  • Jaffari Islamic Community Centre
  • Shoresh Jewish Centre and Kavanah Garden

The tour will explore how different faith groups in Toronto are working towards more sustainable and healthier communities — from eco-spiritual practices and local food systems to green architecture and waste management.  Together, we will increase our understanding and appreciation of different faiths and invigorate our capacity to work across traditional divides. Registered participants will receive optional pre-reading materials closer to the event — this is a wonderful event for the whole family, and anyone who is curious to learn more about Toronto’s different religions and spaces.

Admission | $20 (lunch included)
Time | 11am-6pm
For more info & to reserve your seats, RSVP here